Hello world!

Hi my name is Mandy and I love to meditate.

I use meditation daily with my cat Mr. Pickles – who usually just falls asleep instead being “mindful”.

I have been meditating for about 9 years. Mr. Pickles is new to the experience – and new to life as well. 🙂

I plan to share with you some really cool stuff about meditation and even give you some very neat short-cuts to get to deep meditative states quickly without having to go through the years of hard work often associated with the practice.

me meditating with Mr. Pickles

How to Meditate Like a Buddhist Monk?

brainwave entrainment

Many people try to achieve the benefits of meditation by putting their entire concentration into meditation. Most of the people who aim to meditate like a Buddhist monk do not know the exact techniques to do so.

One of the easiest techniques to meditate like a Buddhist monk is to use the brain entrainment technology.

We will today share with you the technique of brain entrainment as well as why you should opt for this technique.

What is Brain Entrainment for Meditation?

Brain entrainment technology involves the use of beats of different frequencies being transmitted to different ears.

As a result, certainly emotional, as well as physical states are induced in the body of the person.

With the help of the brain entrainment technology, not only emotional states can be induced but also it can help you in aiding with meditation as well.

Once you are able to choose beats of the right frequency, it can also help you with meditation.

How does it work?

In order to use brain entrainment to meditate, it is important to use the beats of the frequency which is produced by our brain when it is meditating.

Even in a stressed environment, when you are able to listen to those beats, your mind will mimic the same frequency.

This will, as a result, produce the same effect which you have while meditating.

Theta binaural beats are the ones which can help you with meditation.

The frequency range of these beats varies from 4 Hz to 8 Hz.

With the help of external stimuli given by binaural beats, you will be able to enter the deep state of meditation which will help you distract yourself from the outer world.

brainwaves - brainwave entrainment technology


Problems which binaural beats resolves are:

Binaural beats is one of the best tools for use with meditation (as are isochronic tones). It provides various advantages like:

• Thoughts not interfering with meditation:

Normally, when you’re trying to enter the meditative state, your thoughts will be interfering with that. It will take quite some period of time to control your thoughts. With the help of binaural beats, it will be a much easier task.

• Entering the meditation state at a faster pace:

As the brain will be reflecting the external stimuli pretty soon, you will be able to enter the meditative state without wasting any time.

• Improvement in concentration power:

With the help of binaural beats, you will not be able to meditate but also improve your concentration power over a period of time.

How it helps

With this improvement in concentration power, you will be able to alienate yourself from the outer world which will help you attain a Buddhist monk like meditative state.

holosync by Centerpointe - logoWith the help of brain entrainment technology, you will be able to get to very deep levels of mediation.

In fact with binaural beats system such as the Centerpointe Holosync Solution you can even reach states that are the same as transcendental meditation.

With the help of binaural beats, however, you will be able to have an easier time meditating like a Buddhist monk.

A Sample of How This Works

Brainwave Entrainment for Meditation

brainwave entrainment

The numbers of techniques which are available for meditation are plenty. A normal person is not able to pick between the most effective techniques easily.

Rather than trying out different meditation techniques which do not actually work, it is important to go with one of the best ones that is brain entrainment.

Brain entrainment often makes the use of binaural beats.

Brain entrainment can help you with meditating in the most dedicated state quite easily.

What is the principle of brain entrainment?

Brain entrainment makes the use of binaural beats in order to induce certain emotional states in your brain.

brainwave entrainment meditationWhen your brain is in meditation, it is in a particular state.

With the help of right frequencies, you will be able to induce the same kind of states in your brain without taking a lot of effort.

This is the main advantage of brain entrainment for meditation.

While meditation is not the only application of brain entrainment but it is certainly one of the most effective applications of brainwave entrainment.

Some of the advantages of brain entrainment

1. Rejuvenating yourself

When you’re using brain entrainment for meditation, you will be able to relax yourself but also you will be able to rejuvenate yourself.

The stress levels will be significantly down. Moreover, you will be able to handle stress in a much better way.

2. Better creativity

With the help of a relaxed mind, you will be able to improve your cognitive power which will lead to better creativity.

meditation through brainwave entrainmentYou will  be able to think about innovative ideas as well as solutions to your problems.

The problem is that it is only one of the few techniques which can actually help you in inducing more creativity in your thought.

None of the other techniques are as mind provoking as brain entrainment.

3. Better focusing power

With the help of brain entrainment, you will be able to improve your focusing power.

You will be able to concentrate for a longer period of time. This will also improve your problem-solving skills.

This will benefit you in your personal life as well as in your career.

4. Easy to meditate

With the help of brain entrainment technology, you will be able to meditate more easily.

Also, the time period for entering the deep state of meditation will also be on the lower side.

With the help of proper meditation, you will be able to better control your emotions and also reduce anxiety.

meditating listening to brainwave entrainment audio recordingIt is also one of the best ways to treat anxiety attacks.

As a result, when you are trying to find out how to meditate like a budhist monk , brain entrainment is one of the best meditation techniques.

While there are some other meditational techniques as well like transcendental meditation but they are not as effective.

We will cover topics related to other meditational techniques in separate articles on our site like how isochronic tones & binaural beats can help you to meditate, what is transcendental meditation?.

Therefore, it is important for you to use brain entrainment for relaxing yourself as well as helping you stay in a more balanced state of mind.